5 Magicians who died during their last trick.

Just saw this post by PPcorn dated 4/12/2015.

I must say, I haven’t researched this to see how many more magicians have died during their last trick.

I will make a point of researching this for the future though.

The magicians that died as per the PPcorn posting:

  • Gilbert Genesta: 1930, milk can escape- drowned, due to the can being dented, before he could escape.
  • Madame DeLinsky: bullet catch, gun loaded with bullet, shot her- she died a few days later.
  • Vivian Hensley: doing a razor swallowing trick for his son. Razor went down his throat, died shortly after reaching hospital.
  • Charles Rowen: strait jacket escape- done before a car can ride over him- unfortunately, car did ride over him and severed his leg. He died from infection a few days later.
  • Joe Burrus: doing a buried alive in plastic coffin. Poured cement in, unfortunately, cement crushed the coffin and he died.

May they all rest in peace.

Last updated on 2024-06-09

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