Hire a Magician for Adult Performances

Please note that i have stopped updating this page (May 2021). You can now search via the search bar when you are looking for magicians in your area.

For instance: Magicians search results for , Near – MAGICIANSANDMAGIC.COM

This link is a search for adult magic through the search bar, you could simply narrow it down for magicians in your area.

NOTE: a lot of magicians will now be doing Virtual magic performances as well, so you may decide to search for that.

Magicians available for Corporate magic shows; Trade Magic Shows; Cruise Ship Magicians; Wedding Magicians; Bar Mitzvah Magicians; Walkabout Magicians; Restaurant Magicians; Close-up Magicians and Illusionists (Magicians that will do full stage performances).

Most of the magicians on this page do perform at Festivals, etc. Worldwide… so feel free to enquire about someone who may not be based in your country, they could be in your area or willing to travel.

Costs are magician specific and depend on the area you are enquiring from and what type of show you want.

If you need guidance, you are welcome to contact us and explain what you are needing and your budget.

We have grouped magicians into countries that they operate from.

Hire a South African Magician.

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