Lee Cohen- Magician, President of the Australian Institute of Magic, Director at the Melbourne Magic Festival and Director at Lee Cohen Designs.

Lee Cohen – the Magician

Lee Cohen and Muffin
Lee Cohen and her performing partner of 10 years: Muffin.

Lee Cohen is an Australian magician, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Her father was a magician and Lee had an enviable childhood helping him with his performances and meeting other magicians.

Lee actually became involved with magic at around the age of 5. (current record on this site for starting age -). Lee began assisting her father in stage acts from the age of 8!

Lee is a magician that uses a troupe of animals (she has doves, rabbits, and a guinea pig – who apparently thinks he is a rabbit).

Lee also performs in character as Trixy (30’s femme fatale- with a “New Yawk’ accent) for theme type styled nights, and for children as Kobi the Clown.

Lee has also studied music, visual and performing arts- which brings an elegance to her performances.

Lee has been a presenter on television. Which means that Lee is actually multi- talented, with experience in Magic, Music, Acting, Hosting, Presenting and many areas of Production (art direction, make-up and hair design, costume design and prop design).

Lee has a few regular characters that she performs as, the latest as a Magical Fairy in her production of “the Fairy Magic Show”.

Lee is also known for performing with her best Rabbit friend, Norman E. Normous (professional magic bunny) and a host of furry and feathered friends.

Norman e Normous
Norman e Normous- Celebrity Rabbit

Aliases of Lee Cohen

Trixy (the femme fatale)

Kobi the Clown

Alice in Wonderland

Magical Fairy

Where can you find Lee Cohen?

Lee is Melbourne based. However, she also performs Worldwide. Considering all her other responsibilities, you would be lucky to catch a performance by Lee (or her aliases), best place to try… would be Melbourne.

Lee has also spent time in South Africa, helping with developing children at the College of Magic. (always great to see performers passing on their experience).


  • Director of the Australian Institute of Magic. (we will put a write up for them soon).
  • Director of Lee Cohen Designs (Make-Up/Face Painting/Masquerade Art)
  • Director of the Melbourne Magic Festival

I have attached a you tube video of interview with Lee Cohen for the 2012 IMX Magic Convention. Lee was running the Youth Magic Championships (partnered with FISM).

Last updated on 2021-05-06

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