So… what is a Street Magician?

One of the oldest types of magical performers; street magicians, buskers, strolling magicians, outdoor conjurors, vaudeville performers – call them what you will.

This is magic done in the crowd, community magic involving onlookers and people that pass by.

What does a street magician do?

A street magician is an impromptu performer, who performs amongst people that are going about their day. It could be on a street, in a park, amongst people at a fair.

In fact, done wherever the creative mind of the street magician can take him.

There are magicians that have travelled the World from country to country performing street magic (what an exciting way to see the World).

Street Magician performs
Street Magician performing.

Amazing Stunts

Often, street magicians will perform amazing stunts, think: being buried alive, being suspended in a block of ice and so on.

This is a really effective way of getting publicity.

And some street magicians have built huge reputations based on feats of this nature – and harnessing the power of television and modern media.

Some street magicians view the performance of street magic as the purest form of magical performance.

Almost like impromptu theatre, done outdoors.


Audiences too, can view magic done in an impromptu fashion as “unbelievable” and “awe – inspiring”.

Precisely because it is not performed in a supposedly “contrived” setting, like a nightclub or a theatre.

So… if you are thinking of performing as a street magician, remember:

  • impromptu effects
  • minimal set – up
  • sleight of hand – very important
  • be CREATIVE!

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Last updated on 2017-02-23

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