Make Your Event Memorable With The Help Of A Professional Canadian Magician- Rynestone magic

Rynestone Magic (well, we got this submitted by Rynestone Magic- it doesn’t really say anything about Rynestone Magic and is more of an advert. Nonetheless, this is them below… with some pictures). Aside from the … Read more

Submission from Mick Peck based in Auckland “Kiwi land”

Mick Peck, an Auckland based Magician has submitted some information – I have moved it from here to his Mick Peck page … So, go on… click the link and read what Mick Peck has to say. … Read more

Bring the rabbit back!- Mr. E – Magician in Canada

Mr E.- Magician in Canada sent in a story about a rabbit and a tiny little voice… One of the first big shows I did was for a large group of boy scouts (like rangers). I … Read more