Hire a Magician

Magicians for hire.

So, you’re looking for a magician?

Demand has dictated, that I create a page where people would be able to hire a magician.

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Magic Act listing (types of magicians)

This section contains magicians listed and the types of magic act/s that they like to do.

Close up Magic can be done in all the categories of  “magician” above.

A lot of these magicians do perform Worldwide (why not hire someone from another country, if your currency is strong)?


Professional Magicians will generally only disclose their fees on enquiry.

So, if you as a client have a specific budget for your event, then the best is to use the “Contact Form” below and give your requirements. I can then get into contact with you.

If you are a magician wanting to enquire about being placed on these listings, please contact me.

Occasionally, I will email clients to see how the show went and in that manner make sure that only quality performers grace these pages. Not all these magicians are full time magicians. Some perform part time for the love of magic and performing… and hold full time occupations.)