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Magicians for hire.

So, you’re looking for a magician?

We have created a directory of Magicians for Hire

(see the navigation bar above: Magicians for hire and Performers for hire)

Their profiles will tell you where they are based; what types of magic they do (close up magic; stage magic and so on); who they perform for (children; adults or both).

A new function is: do they do virtual shows?

This is great, as you could book a magician from another country if they do. And, experience a different culture. Or, save some money and get someone from a country with a lower currency, hopefully their performance will be less in your currency.

So, scroll away… we are putting on more performers daily.

You will use the “contact form” button or the “enquire” button- which will email that magician directly and the contact will be between yourselves and them directly.


Professional Magicians will generally only disclose their fees on enquiry (which means that most profiles will say “get quote”- which is fine, send your details about the event and they will give you a cost).

The fees can vary depending on whether the magician is a full time professional or perhaps a hobbyist. Are they in demand (are they famous/ on tv, etc.- then generally more demand) is also a determining factor.

Also, note that magicians mostly doing stage shows and trade shows and so on, will be performing for larger groups of adults or corporates- so they would obviously be more expensive than a childrens party entertainer.

(NOT that childrens parties are any less significant – especially in the mind of the child).

Best way to use magicians for hire lists

If you want to book a physical perfomer:

Use the “change location” tab in main menu bar to change the location to where the event is being held and see who is listed.

The profiles will tell you what “types of magic they can be hired for“.

Then select a magician (or more than one) and use the contact form (below their picture) or, on their profile page use the “enquire to book” form and it will email them directly. Give full details for what you need to get a good quote from them.

If you want to book a Virtual magician

On the magicians profile “performs for” it will indicate ” virtual magic shows” if the entertainer does virtual shows.

Otherwise use the search capability:


Use the advanced search button on the far right

image 1
Tick the virtual magic shows and hit enter

Specific budget for an event, or you desperately need help in choosing a magician?

Consider using the contact form below and i will see if i can source a magician to get into contact with you.

If you are a magician wanting to enquire about being placed on these listings, please contact me.

Occasionally, I will email clients to see how the show went and in that manner make sure that only quality performers grace these pages. Not all these magicians are full time magicians. Some perform part time for the love of magic and performing… and hold full time occupations.)

Last updated on 2021-05-25

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