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This category is reserved for Stage Magic videos.

Once you have added your Stage magic video, preferably through a link to you tube, it will be reviewed and placed into the category.

This is the place for a good standard of Stage magic video.

It can be used to show off your stage magic performances. Perhaps show off your new Stage effect (in which case i could link it to the shop).

  • Other ideas: explain how presentation for a specific effect works (for you),
  • explain what you are thinking about when you are preparing a stage magic routine.
  • show how you made an effect by hand (not all magicians have ready access to funds for new items).
  • explain a bit about your way of dealing with stage shows and why you do things the way you do.

When you want to add a Stage magic video, this is the add a stage magic video link. (use stage magic video category in the page).

Put as much information in the fields as you can– it will help with searching for something specific when a lot of videos are in the category.