Make Your Event Memorable With The Help Of A Professional Canadian Magician- Rynestone magic

Rynestone magic

Rynestone Magic (well, we got this submitted by Rynestone Magic). Aside from the food that you will serve, the decoration you will have and the venue of your event, people will also be looking forward … Read more

Submission from Mick Peck based in Auckland “Kiwi land”

Mick Peck Auckland Magician

Mick Peck, an Auckland based Magician has submitted some information – I have moved it from here to his Mick Peck page … So, go on… click the link and read what Mick Peck has to say. … Read more

Bring the rabbit back!- Mr. E – Magician in Canada

Mr E.- Magician in Canada sent in a story about a rabbit and a tiny little voice… One of the first big shows I did was for a large group of boy scouts (like rangers). I … Read more