All Live Magic venues

This is where you can find information on venues that offer “live magic“.

Magic is not seen in person, up and close by that many people.

If you get a chance, taken advantage and go and see a magician or magic act performing in person.

The readers of the site would love it if you leave a review for the venue as well.

You can add your review on any of the existing live magic venues.


P.s. there is also a page called Magic clubs- where i have some other live magic venues  listed: Magic Clubs

If you are a venue that offers live magic, and you want to add your venue to this site.

Use this link: add your live magic venue 

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    • People thronging inside the Rabbit in Hat Magic Shop 768x576

    The Rabbit-in-Hat Magic Shop

    • Kellars modern magic and comedy club Harry Houdinis water torture cell escape on display in the lobby 768x517

    Kellar’s a modern magic and comedy club

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