Magic and Magicians- Entertainers/ Performers!

Conjuring is meant to entertain. So, Magicians are entertainers.

And Magic is a Performing Art.

Just as Magic is meant to entertain, there are different types of Magical performers, that entertain you in different ways.

closed eyes
Close your eyes!
If you close your eyes and picture the word “Magician” in your mind… what image does it bring?
  • Is it a man/ woman standing on a stage, performing illusions?
  • Is it a magic performer in amongst you, guessing your chosen card?
  • Do you see a magician with children in front of him laughing, as he mistakenly pulls something out of a hat?
  • Or, do you see a street magician doing something unbelievable right in front of you?

The answer to this question will more than likely be where you end up as an entertaining magician.

Most performers will eventually choose where and how they like performing. (Some don’t enjoy children, some don’t enjoy mentalism… and so on).

To my mind, the most important thing is that you really enjoy the way that you perform.

Every audience can immediately tell, if you’re not enjoying yourself.

So do what you love to do… as …Everyone wants to be entertained…yourself included.

Magicians and Magic – born Entertainers?

Mmm, now this is a question.

Are entertainers/ magicians really “born”, to perform?

My answer: I think that something “sparks” in someone (or doesn’t), from that very first performance…maybe the glint in people’s eyes, their laughter- that makes you want to perform.

In fact, Magic, could be considered as the Art of giving Joy!

So, how does a Magician become good at his craft – and give more joy?

A good magicians act, looks effortless as he/she performs.

This is a result of PRACTISE, experience gained from this practise and performance … and more PRACTISE.

It goes without saying, that to do all this you need perserverance, tenacity, a humble attitude and a general desire to please (give joy) to others.

Oh, yes… it helps if you can be a bit creative too!

Types of Magicians.

What kind of magic do you want to do?

Or, what type of magician do you want to be?

Close up Magic – perform in close with your audience.

Street Magician – perform in close with your audience, in a “natural” setting.

Illusionist – perform large or small illusions on a stage.

Children’s Magician – use the children’s party scene or school setting to entertain children. magician rabbit hat

Comedy Magician – make people laugh –  perhaps even gravitate to being a comedian, more than a magician.

Mentalism Magic – perform stupendous, mind numbing feats with a more serious tone.

Escapologist – escape from many varied devices, locks and apparatus. This is after all, how Houdini became famous.

Pick Pocket – confuse and astound people as they find items of theirs, in your possession. I will have to link a page for a friend of mine who “stole” Mandela’s watch – twice (don’t worry, he got it back- both times).

(as promised… here is the link to Jacques Le Sueur’s site: “watch” and enjoy)

Sleight – of – hand – practise dexterity in your hands and the Art of Misdirection, with any manner of everyday objects.

Bar Magic – really a combination of a few of these types of magic above. Example: close up magician and street magician. Performed in… you guessed it, a bar or restaurant setting.

Well, that’s it for now.


One more thing – our education would not be complete, without a bit of Magic History.

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