Magicians Directory

So, how many magicians are there in the World?

Mmm, let me think…NO idea!

Only once I started this site did I realise how challenging it is to try and get a list of magicians together for a Magicians Directory… with more personalised biographies of the magicians.

And… how do you give each magician their rightful place and do their performances justice?

So how does this Magicians Directory work?

What I have done, is to simply list magicians biographies alphabetically by their first names (first name is stage name if they use one).

Those magicians that I know personally or I have good information on, I will create a page for them and link to it. That way, I can also update where they are performing when I get the information… so you can see if there is a show in your area that you can go and watch… nice!

If a magician has created a product/ book/dvd, etc. I will list at the bottom of their page.

If I do not yet have a full biography up on a magician, I will list their name in the directory. You can add info or the magician mentioned can contact with full biographical details.

Female Magicians will have their own category, as they are special.

So, if you are a magician featured on this site-

Please don’t be offended if you are not at the top of the list- this page will be purely alphabetical.

If you want to be on this magicians directory- AND – you are a performing magician…

Then please use the “Submit your Bio” page – to submit your biography and any interesting titbits you want known, to me.

I do this as I get time, so it will be a case of first come, first served.

WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO, let’s get started!!!

Link to Female Magicians.

Link to Magicians performing together (Magical Duo’s)

Magicians (male):

  • Aaron Radatz (showboat magician, operates out of the U.S.A.)
  • Albie Selznick (Santa Monica, USA- Actor and Magician)
  • Alexander May (Cape Town based, corporate and children’s magician and manufacturer of sponge items and author/inventor).- full bio listed.
  • Ali Cook (British Comedy Magician; Illusionist; Street Magician and Actor)
  • Al McLellan, Canadian amateur magician, great story.
  • Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist (South African Stage show Hypnotist).
  • Andrew “Magic Man” Eland. (South African born Magician. Performs mostly in Canada and South Africa).
  • Andy Gross (USA based magician).
  • Andrew Lee (Malaysian Magician).
  • Bill Blagg. (USA Magician)
  • Bryan Miles. (South African based Mind Magician)
  • BS Reddy (Indian Magician)
  • Byunggu Jung (South Korean Magician).
  • Camilo, “the Magician” Dominguez (British Columbia, Canada).
  • Charles Rowen (deceased. Died after car rode over his leg in straitjacket escape).
  • Conrad Koch (South Africa’s top ventriloquist. Also Graduate of College of  Magic).
  • Craig James (UK magician).
  • Criss Angel (Famous Magician, based in the U.S.A- born Australia).
  • Dan Hauss (Philadelphia Magician).
  • Dan White. (USA based magician)
  • Daniel Martin (USA based, travels throughout the United States).
  • Darcy Oake (Vancouver, Canada magician).
  • David Copperfield ( World Famous American Magician)
  • David Elkin– Medical Student and Magician, founder of Magic Aid
  • David Goldrake, (Luxembourg based magician).
  • David Gore (Co- founder of the College of Magic in South Africa. Previous performer, Magician and Ventriloquist and Teacher of Future Stars!)
  • David Hagerman (Hagerman the Magician), U.K. based.
  • David Hennig (magician with a mission), U.S.A. based magician.
  • David Kaplan (American based magician, illusionist and juggler… deadpan comedian).
  • Derren Brown (famous U.K. based magician).
  • Doc Hurwitz (Deceased magician, based in New York).
  • Dr. Gugampoo (Kuwaiti Magician).
  • Dynamo (U.K. based famous magician).
  • Eddie Young – Phat Magic (Branston, U.K. based magician).
  • Farrell Dillon (USA based).
  • Francis Menotti (Philadelphia Magician).
  • Fukai (Japanese Magician, renowned for his innovations in stage magic).
  • Gazzo (British- American based Street magician).
  • Gene Dolmovich (Virginia Shore, USA based magician).
  • Gilbert Genesta (deceased during milk can escape).
  • Greg Gleason. (USA based)
  • Harry Houdini (will have to link to some of the great sources of info for him).
  • Henry Harrius (Hong Kong based magician).
  • Jack Dent (Lichfield, U.K. based magician).
  • Jacques le Sueur (Cape Town based, worldwide performing. Most travelled magician in the African continent). – full bio listed.
  • James More (British Magician)
  • Jamie Raven. (British magician)
  • Jan Rouven (German Magician, had show in Vegas).
  • Jeff Mc Bride (famous U.S.A. magician).
  • Jesse Brooks (South African Magician, Graduate of the College of Magic).
  • Jim Henson (Magician and owner of Mr. Magic and Novelties in Little rock, Arkansas).
  • Joe Burrus (Deceased. Died during a buried alive escape).
  • Joe Labero (Swedish magician).
  • Johnny Thompson – The Great Tomsoni (U.S.A. based magician).
  • Jonathan Pendragon (U.S.A. based magician)
  • Jose Ahonen (Finnish magician- renowned for his “Magic for dogs” videos).
  • Joshua Jay (Famous worldwide magician, based in U.S.A.) (have not yet put up full bio, links to blog posts)
  • Keith West (Des Moines, USA based magician).
  • Kenny Yas (Malaysian Magician).
  • Kyle Wallace (Westham, U.K. based magician)- Nail through hand.
  • Lance Burton (famous U.S.A. based magician).
  • Larry Soffer (International Mentalist, South African based. College of Magic graduate).
  • Liam Sheehan (Cork, Ireland based magician- kept Michael Jackson entertained).
  • Magician Charlie (based in Dubai, shortest magician).
  • Louis Cason (South African professional juggler).
  • Majestik the Magnificent (Michael Jackson and Muhammed Ali’s personal magician- Since deceased).
  • Marcel Oudejans (Cape Town based Corporate Magician and Comedy Magician)- full bio listed.
  • Mark Townsend (Magical Priest- U.K. based magician).
  • Mat Franco (U.S.A. based magician- winner of America’s got Talent).
  • Matt Tarrant (Australian based magician).
  • Matthew Gore “The Ginger Ninja” (South African magician. College of Magic graduate. Family of magicians.)
  • Mawonga Giyaya (South African based magician, graduate of the College of Magic).
  • Michael Carbonaro.
  • Michael Healey (Columbia, U.S.A. based)
  • Michael John (American magician, in America’s got Talent)
  • Michael Trixx (American based, Rock ‘n Roll Magician).
  • Michael Turco. (USA based)
  • Mick Peck, professional Magician and more, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Mo Magic (Durban, South Africa based t.v. show magician).
  • Mr. E– Magician in Canada.
  • Murray Sawchuck (Las Vegas, U.S.A. based magician).
  • Nicholas J. Johnson (Australian magician).
  • Nick Wallace (Séance Magician), based in Canada.
  • Olwethu Dyantyi (“The Glamipulator”, South African based Worldwide performing Magician).- full bio listed.
  • Paul Daniels (Famous U.K. magician – since deceased).
  • Paul Wilson (Magician and World Renowned expert on Cheating).
  • Peter Pitchford (Philadelphia Magician).
  • Ran’D Shine (Philadelphia Magician).
  • R. Rajesh Kumar (The Magic Entertainer) Magician, based in Chennai, India.
  • Ray Anderson, Comedy Magiciann, Illusionist and Hypnotist (Alaska based).
  • Riaad Moosa (no longer performing as a magician, Graduated to comedy as a stand up comedian and actor- with his own films… mentioned as he is a graduate of the College of Magic).(links to a blog post of performance which he was a part of).
  • Richard Turner, Card Magician.
  • Robin Boltman (Cape Town, South Africa based. A real life hero having helped save people on both sunk cruise ships; “Achille Lauro” and “Oceanos”).
  • Rob Zabrecky (magician, songwriter and actor).
  • Samala Venu (Indian magician, 2 time Merlin award winner).
  • Siegfried Tieber, Illusionist and close up magician, Los Angeles based.
  • Shin Lim (2015 FISM Champion for close up card magic).
  • Spencer Horsman (New Jersey, U.S.A. escape artist)
  • Stephen Bargatze (Comedy Magician, American based).
  • Steve Hignett (Victoria island home base, Canada).
  • Steven Brundage (USA Magician, petition to bring him back onto America’s Got Talent).
  • Stuart Lightbody (Cape Town based, Multi Award winning worldwide magician).
  • Stuart Taylor (former South African Comedy Magic Champion, now primarily- stand up comedian (winner of multiple awards, combines comedy and magic for certain shows as well)
  • Terry Baldwin (Exor). (Deceased. South African illusionist, member of “Exor”).
  • Tim Coles (“Tricky Tim” – children’s performances, or ” Mr Keen”- adults performances, Cape Town based magician.- full bio listed.
  • Tim Hannig (Chicago based magician).
  • Tom Burgoon. (USA)
  • Vivian Hensley (deceased after swallowing razor in trick).
  • Wayne Dobson (Well known UK magician. owner of
  • Wayne Houchin (street Magician, Escapologist)
  • Xavier Mortimer (French born magician. Combines Magic, comedy, circus acts and music).
  • Yanni (Chinese Magician).
  • Yumi (Japanese Magician).


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