Magicians Directory

So, how many magicians are there in the World?

Mmm, let me think…NO idea!

Only once I started this site did I realise how challenging it is to try and get a list of magicians together for a Magicians Directory… with more personalised biographies of the magicians.

And… how do you give each magician their rightful place and do their performances justice?

So how does this Magicians Directory work?

What I have done, is to simply list magicians biographies alphabetically by their first names (first name is stage name if they use one).

Those magicians that I know personally or I have good information on, I will create a page for them and link to it. That way, I can also update where they are performing when I get the information… so you can see if there is a show in your area that you can go and watch… nice!

If a magician has created a product/ book/dvd, etc. I will list at the bottom of their page.

If I do not yet have a full biography up on a magician, I will list their name in the directory. You can add info or the magician mentioned can contact with full biographical details.

Female Magicians will have their own category, as they are special.

So, if you are a magician featured on this site-

Please don’t be offended if you are not at the top of the list- this page will be purely alphabetical.

If you want to be on the Magicians- HIRE/ map page, you need to also add your listing here (you can be on both)/

If you want to be on this magicians directory- AND – you are a performing magician…

Then please use the “Submit your Bio” page – to submit your biography and any interesting titbits you want known, to me.

I do this as I get time, so it will be a case of first come, first served.

WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO, let’s get started!!!

Link to Female Magicians.

Link to Magicians performing together (Magical Duo’s)

Magicians (male):


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