Dealt movie- Richard Turner

Dealt movie

Page last updated 2nd May, 2018Dealt- movie starring Richard Turner, Card Magician extraordinaire, in an upcoming movie . The film by Luke Korem, has some great reviews. (Update: see the end of this article for the … Read more

ACEBook and forums

Page last updated 20th March, 2017ACEBook and new magiciansandmagic forums are LIVE. Dear All, I was delaying this announcement, seeing as how I am working on some NEW Magical functionality on this site. However, as … Read more

Ali Cook British Illusionist has a page up on magicians directory

Page last updated 26th September, 2016  Here is the link. Thanks to Ali for his time in helping the Magical world. Remember, if you want your name in lights on this site, use Submit.

Cape Town Magic Club is great!

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Page just created for the new and happening Cape Town Magic Club. (08.04.2016- page just updated with videos of Jesse Brooks and Bryan Miles). It really is worth going… would … Read more

New page on Alexander May released!

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Well peeps, Here are the questions and answers from Alexander May. A Cape Town based magical performer, inventor, author and manufacturer of extremely realistic sponge items. Here is the link

Magician Paul Daniels- diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Paul Daniels publicist confirmed on Saturday morning (20.02.2016), that Paul Daniels has been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. We, at magiciansandmagic would like to extend our best wishes to … Read more

Ma Diva Magic- about to hit the stage.

Magic Diva Magic

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Well, I planned on doing a write up on this over a month and a half ago… things got in the way. But, opening night is about upon us: Ma … Read more

“The Ilusionists” – lawsuit by co- creator

Page last updated 29th May, 2018“The Illusionists” lawsuit underway by co- creator Came across an interesting story by Eriq Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter, here’s the link: Lawsuit – The Illusionists Brett Daniels is the … Read more

The Illusionists – 1903

Page last updated 27th September, 2016The Illusionists show in Dubai I came across a really great write up on The Illusionists show in Dubai. Here’s the link: The Illusionists The show features: Houdini’s Water Escape. … Read more

40th Annual Kutztown Magic Convention

Page last updated 30th September, 2016To be held on November the 14th in Kutztown middle school, in Kutztown /Pennsylvania . This event is held by the Society of American Magicians Association 92 and the International … Read more