Crypto currency coin for magic

I see that there is a pre- release of a cryptocurrency coin for magic. I haven’t checked it out, so I am not releasing any details… but i will write to the owner and see … Read more

Dealt movie- Richard Turner

Dealt movie

Dealt- movie starring Richard Turner, Card Magician extraordinaire, in an upcoming movie . The film by Luke Korem, has some great reviews. (Update: see the end of this article for the news that a full feature … Read more

ACEBook and forums

ACEBook and new magiciansandmagic forums are LIVE. Dear All, I was delaying this announcement, seeing as how I am working on some NEW Magical functionality on this site. However, as the new ACEBook (social network … Read more

The name of this book is secret.

Just read a review on a new children’s book that came across my desk. The title is “The name of this book is secret”… as above. Two children “Cass” and “Max” are set to discover a … Read more

Condolences on the death of Jonah Lomu

Condolences to Jonah Lomu’s wife and family and to New Zealand Magiciansandmagic offer condolences to Jonah Lomu’s wife and family and the entire New Zealand people. Jonah Lomu was an inspiration to watch on the … Read more


UPDATE: HTTP/2 IS NOW IN USE ON THIS SITE For those wondering why I am posting about this. I did indicate that I would keep you all up to date with developments on the site. … Read more

Condolences on the death of Terry Baldwin (Exor)

As informed by the Cape Magic Circle-“Good morning Magi,It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you of the passing of TerryBaldwin. It seems that he passed away peacefully in his sleep. Terry … Read more

Mobile version of site

Dear All,I have tried creating the mobile version of the site. Please let me know if you have any major issues with it.I have put the link to the contact me page below, for your … Read more