Crypto currency coin for magic

I see that there is a pre- release of a cryptocurrency coin for magic. I haven’t checked it out, so I am not releasing any details… but i will write to the owner and see what is happening.   Page last updated Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ben Zabin magician

Ben Zabin Greenwich magician Articles where Ben Zabin is mentioned: Page last updated Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dealt movie- Richard Turner

Dealt movie

Dealt- movie starring Richard Turner, Card Magician extraordinaire, in an upcoming movie . The film by Luke Korem, has some great reviews. (Update: see the end of this article for the news that a full feature film is going to be made on the life of Richard Turner). Dealt knocked me dead… Turner and the tough … Read moreDealt movie- Richard Turner

ACEBook and forums

ACEBook and new magiciansandmagic forums are LIVE. Dear All, I was delaying this announcement, seeing as how I am working on some NEW Magical functionality on this site. However, as the new ACEBook (social network for magicians) and the magicians forums have been live for a few days and I can see that people are … Read moreACEBook and forums

The name of this book is secret.

Just read a review on a new children’s book that came across my desk. The title is “The name of this book is secret”… as above. Two children “Cass” and “Max” are set to discover a secret in a dead magicians house. They have to get away from a couple that are viewing the house. There … Read moreThe name of this book is secret.