Jon Udry Juggler

Jon Udry a UK based juggler   Articles about Jon Udry: Jon Udry to demonstrate ‘the naked art of juggling’ Page last updated Wednesday, February 14, 2018

British Juggling Convention

The British Juggling Convention was held in Perth (Australia) over this past weekend. They were last there in 2005. From unicycles, to ball and club juggling… to a walk around Perth city centre. Great to … Read more

Foot Jugglers : Duo Rendez-vous

Considering that we don’t yet have a post on foot jugglers, thought that this might help if someone is looking for foot juggers. The pair:  juggler: Graeme Quinn and the person getting juggled with the … Read more

Learning juggling with Romain Timmers

Reposting this from “New Indian Express” website: Learning juggling and aerial dance with Romain Timmers. I have also added a youtube video of the vertical dance below this post. Romain Timmers Romain Timmers is a … Read more

“Drugs” Video by juggling group “3J”

Juggling act- great video

Came across a really well presented (dancing, music, moves) juggling video (act) with clubs and movement on you tube.

Shared below. (will be keeping an eye out for more from them)


Raw Art – [3J] – Drugs