British Juggling Convention

The British Juggling Convention was held in Perth (Australia) over this past weekend. They were last there in 2005. From unicycles, to ball and club juggling… to a walk around Perth city centre. Great to … Read more

Foot Jugglers : Duo Rendez-vous

Considering that we don’t yet have a post on foot jugglers, thought that this might help if someone is looking for foot juggers. The pair:  juggler: Graeme Quinn and the person getting juggled with the … Read more

Learning juggling with Romain Timmers

Reposting this from “New Indian Express” website: Learning juggling and aerial dance with Romain Timmers. I have also added a youtube video of the vertical dance below this post. Romain Timmers Romain Timmers is a … Read more

“Drugs” Video by juggling group “3J”

Juggling act- great video

Came across a really well presented (dancing, music, moves) juggling video (act) with clubs and movement on you tube.

Shared below. (will be keeping an eye out for more from them)


Raw Art – [3J] – Drugs