Justin Willman (U.S. based magician)

Justin Willman is a United States based magician. He performs in a Netflix show called “Magic for Humans”. His invisibility trick in episode 4 has prompted a “viral” following and people ‘attempting it at home’. … Read more

Matt Gore Magician

Matt Gore Magician Stage show

Matt Gore Magician- The Ginger Ninja Matt Gore magician, is now based in Saskatoon in Canada (previously Cape Town, South Africa). However, you can see him around the world. He also regularly visits South Africa. … Read more

Lance Burton famous magician

Lance Burton

Lance Burton is a famous magician, who ran his stage magic show in Las Vegas for many years. We will add more about Lance Burton at a later stage… for now, i want to add … Read more

The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana is very scary. Her act won Asia’s Got Talent 2017 The Sacred Riana, from Indonesia, brings horror to stage magic! She appears to the audience to be engaging in actual magic, always … Read more

Kyle and Mistie Knight

Kyle and Mistie Knight, USA based Illusionists   Videos with Kyle and Mistie Knight   Page last updated Monday, February 19, 2018