About us

My name is Kenneth Charles Williamson.

About us: Kenny Williamson

Or, you guessed it…Kenny Williamson to those that know me.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa and have been “involved” with magic for quite some time.

The Start (About us)…

My magical journey began through a family friend… David Gore.

David’s father was my twins’ (Carol)  godfather and the Gores and the Williamsons have been family friends for many years.

David Gore and Jonathan Proctor ran a company called “Cape Entertainers”, in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s.

David was the magician and ventriloquist and Jonathan was “Nojo” the clown.

Interestingly, David’s grandfather also brought the first Punch and Judy to South Africa , which is still in Joseph Gore’s (Davids Brother) possession. (More on that on the Punch and Judy page – to be written).

Kenny and Carol Williamson doing suspension for the crowd.

Training Begins…

David and Jonathan realised they had a knack for teaching children. And along the lines of a “Tannen” course, started a correspondence course in magic called the Happy Magic Club. See my official membership below.

Happy Magic Club membership
My Happy Magic Club membership certificate.
Remember, this was around 1980 and there was no internet yet. I think it was in the process of being invented by some clever folks.

The interest from children hungry to learn the art of Magic in the old South Africa was immense and the performing duo decided to start a magic school.

The school was to be called the “College of Magic”… I will put more about those early years on the “College of Magic” page (still to be written). Needless to say, these early years were very interesting and the College of Magic has gone on to become one of the best magic schools in the Whole Wide World (had to put this in…thought “WWW” fits well). (College of Magic website)

My sisters (Marian and Carol Williamson) and i spent much time helping with all manner of things (including helping with building the first dry walls at the 1st home of the college in Southfield – suburb in Cape Town). It’s ok, Marian apologised for getting 11 year olds to help with manual labour.

In fact, most of my childhood from about 10 – 16 years old was spent in this magical environment, my mother even made the change bags and silks.

We finished course 6 when we were 15 (the college ran yearly courses. Courses 1 through 6).

College of Magic Course 6 Certificate
College of Magic Course 6 Certificate.

Inbetween the courses there were many theatre/stage  and charity shows.

I was also happily doing trade and children’s shows (I was about 16).

I was doing a lot of shows with a friend in partnership, which was a good way to keep both of us learning and active.

Most Entertaining Act Certificate- College of Magic
Kenny Williamson’s Most Entertaining Act certificate.
I also won the Most Entertaining Act (their most prestigious award at the time) and received their Silver Medallion (given to the selected few qualifying students).

Silver Medallion - College of Magic
The front of the Silver Medallion

I was also involved in the Cape Magicians Circle at this point. (Update: have rejoined the Cape Magicians Circle- 2015).

This was an active period for the Circle, in that there were performances being done, which was great…and a lot of activity between members. (UPDATE: 29.01.2015- they are still performing shows… they have just done  a performance, with some world renowned magicians).

Membership certificate of the Cape Magicians Circle.
Certificate of membership of the Cape Magicians Circle

Unfortunately, the good times had to come to an end and I had to go off to the army in 1987 to do my national service for 2 years.

I only did one performance in the army at a talent show for the camp.

My application for the Entertainment corps did not go through and I remained in the infantry.

After this period, I had lost my zest for entertainment and the most I did was participate in a few of the college’s extravanganza’s.

Never to perform alone again…

The Re- Awakening…

After some polite co- ercion to get my girlfriends’ son (Aaron), to do something with other people of his own age…we got Aaron to go to a lesson at the college.(Weird how everyone is virtual friends now and hardly ever see each other in real life face to face).
Childrens Traditional Magic Festival 2014
Aaron Simon performing at the 2014 Children’s Traditional Magic Festival

He loved it and has now won the Close- Up Junior Magicians Championship (2013).

Getting him to go for lessons has re-awakened an interest in magic within me. Or, perhaps I should say in “performance” ( I always regarded performance higher than the magic itself), which has led to the creation of this site…


Well, I hope that explains enough for the purposes of those who want to make sure that this site has an actual background in magic.

Learning magic gives many skills (confidence, love of others, fun, entertainment, joy, hand -eye coordination, sense of self, charity and on and on) to people and I highly recommend it.

So, please enjoy the site and contact me if you have suggestions, or just to say hello.


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