Matt Gore Magician

Matt Gore Magician Stage show

Matt Gore Magician- The Ginger Ninja Matt Gore magician, is now based in Saskatoon in Canada (previously Cape Town, South Africa). However, you can see him around the world. He also regularly visits South Africa. … Read more

Help a Magician- Vegas trip with College of Magic- Caitlin Hutchinson

Good evening fellow Magicians and Magishehens! (I know sic!- couldn’t resist). Caitlin Hutchinson won 2nd place in the SA Magic Champs Junior category in 2015, with a beautiful act… she and her sister (pictured above) … Read more

2015 Traditional Childrens Magic Festival _ Cape Town 1 -4 July 2015

Just received the News! This winter school holiday, Cape Town’s families are in for some enchanting indoor fun with the 2015 Traditional Childrens Magic Festival at the College of Magic in Claremont, taking place from … Read more

Comedy and Magic spectacular this past Saturday

To all those that attended this event, a big thank you. I must say that this was one of the best shows I have seen from the College (and the professional performers). A truly great … Read more

Childrens Magic Spectacular

The College of Magic will also be presenting the Childrens Magic Spectacular at the Artscape Arena on Sat 9 May at 11 am … A captivating cast, led by international magician and comedy entertainer Matt … Read more