The Supernaturalists

Page last updated 7th February, 2018Articles written about the Supernaturalists: REVIEW: ‘Supernaturalists’ bring mind-blowing magic to Foxwoods

The great Paul Daniels- Comedy Magician Extraordinaire has died.

Page last updated 26th September, 2016It is with great regret, that I post this…Paul Daniels has passed away from his incurable tumour. Paul was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour, which was confirmed on the … Read more

Magician Paul Daniels- diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Paul Daniels publicist confirmed on Saturday morning (20.02.2016), that Paul Daniels has been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. We, at magiciansandmagic would like to extend our best wishes to … Read more

Ma Diva Magic- about to hit the stage.

Magic Diva Magic

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Well, I planned on doing a write up on this over a month and a half ago… things got in the way. But, opening night is about upon us: Ma … Read more

Help a Magician- Vegas trip with College of Magic- Caitlin Hutchinson

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Good evening fellow Magicians and Magishehens! (I know sic!- couldn’t resist). Caitlin Hutchinson won 2nd place in the SA Magic Champs Junior category in 2015, with a beautiful act… she … Read more

Another physical magic store closes- Mr. Magic and Novelties in Little Rock, Arkansas

Page last updated 26th September, 2016Mr. Magic and Novelties another real world magic store closes. Jim Henson is the owner of Mr. Magic and Novelties. He is closing up the physical store, but will continue … Read more

Performer Visa category to be created in UK

Page last updated 27th September, 2016UK Home Secretary has announced plans to streamline business and performer visa. A  new visa category will be introduced that will make it easier for performing artists to enter the … Read more