How to register on

There are many places you can login or register on the site.

You will be asked to login or register if you wish to comment on the forums or a group, or if you want to add yourself as a magician for hire on the site and so on.

Due to the amount of spam this site gets, i have had to make the process more secure. So please be patient.

This is the left hand navigation column that also contains a place to login or register:

Register Login

Log in

If you are already registered and therefore, you log in, you will then be back on the home page once you have entered your log in details.

You can then go wherever you want on the site and will remain logged in, until you log out (top right hand corner).

To Register

If you click “register”.

You will be taken to the Registration page (Screenshot below):

register on

You can now enter your details on the right hand side and your username, password and email address on the left (REMEMBER YOUR USENAME AND PASSWORD).

NOTE: you will see little “change” buttons under “City”/ “Favourite type of magic”/ “your age group” and “Professional magician or Hobbyist/Amateur”– this is where you can change who can see these details (as below), for your privacy.

image 2

Dont forget to enter the reCaptcha at the bottom.

Click the “Complete sign up” button at the bottom.

You will now need to “activate” your registration.

Activate your account

After you have ticked the “Complete sign up” on the register screen. You will be taken to the following page:

Activate your account on

You would now go to your email and click the activation link in the email.

This will take you to a page with an activation link already entered (or copy from email) and you click the “activate” button below.

You will then be on this page:

account activated

When you click “log in”, you will be taken to the following page:

login with wordpress

Enter your username and password “Log in with username and password” and you will then be redirected to the home page on the site and able to go wherever you want.

What can i now do as i am registered?

As you are now registered and activated, you can comment on forums, see who are the other “members”,create groups and so on.

Most people will then also want to add themselves to the:

You can also interact with other members:

Send them a message, invite people to join, create a group, interact on the forums and so on.

To see other members, go to “Magicians_Magic members” in the left hand side navbar. You can also click on yourself and update your profile (add a picture, etc.).

To see activity of everyone (like a facebook feed), click on the “Magicians_Magic News feed”, in the left hand column navigation bar.

To interact on the forums, click on the “Magicians_Magic Forums” in the left hand side navbar.

To interact with, create groups, click on the “Magicians_Magic member groups” link in the left hand side navbar.

Frequently asked questions

I haven’t received an email to activate my account, what now?

Please contact me, either via email “, or via the contact form on the site.
I can then activate the registration for you and will email you to let you know.

What do i do if i need help?

Please do as per above question.

Enjoy yourself!


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Please note: If you are registered in, is is a seperate site. You would need to be registered on this site as well.

Last updated on 2023-12-11

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