Another physical magic store closes- Mr. Magic and Novelties in Little Rock, Arkansas

Mr. Magic and Novelties another real world magic store closes.

Jim Henson is the owner of Mr. Magic and Novelties. He is closing up the physical store, but will continue to stock his inventory online. The store has been situated at 8919 Stagecoach Road in Little Rock, since 1995.

The store has more than 15 000 items on display; including 3 000 dvd’s and over 2 000 books.

It is reputed to be the “largest” magic store in the United States.

Starting as an add on to a cycling store, the magic shop grew and grew… operating on the premise of not taking profit and using all profits to buy more inventory.

And, it appears that the internet has caused the demise of the shop.

Aside: I was having this same conversation with The Magic Shop owners here in Cape Town. Although they have gone the route of being online (for some time) and having the physical store. I guess unless you have actually spent some time at a magic store and experienced the “feel” and the “demonstration” and discussion around your tricks purchased, you won’t really understand.

Also, there is so much stuff that is well packaged now, that is really just not worth the money being charged. The packaging and hype do the selling.

It is also very few young magicians that actually want to make something (in both ways – physically; and in the sense that no one else can have something alike to what you have physically made). However, we do know that real world contact is also very important to relationships and learning… so I suspect something else will fill the gap- it is the nature of the World.

So, what’s happening to all the items?

Jim Henson will be marketing as a dealer at conventions. The store will operate online now, I see that the site is currently under construction (as per date of this post).

This sounds to me like it would be great to get some inventory (I am thinking especially books- that may be out of print and stock elsewhere) from their opening. So, especially if you live in Arkansas… go ahead and check out their stock. wish them all the best at their new online location.

Here is a video they posted on you tube in 2012 for the store. Very funny and great subliminals.


Last updated on 2016-09-26

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