David Roth- Coin magician Extra-ordinaire

David Roth magician

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The Late David Roth was a highly regarded American coin magician. Regarded as one of the best in the World, if not the best.

He unfortunately passed away in 2021 (January the 13th). He has however left some excellent material available to the magic world, in the written and video form.

He was born March 13th, 1952. He spent the last decade of his life working at the Conjuring Arts Research Centre.

Some of David Roths’ work includes:

Expert Coin Magic. New York: R. Kaufman and A. Greenberg. 1985. (book)

Ultimate Coin Magic Collection (DVD-Video).

Volume 1: Magic with Copper/Silver Coins & Expanded Shells / Magic with Folding Coins & Specialty Gaffs

Volume 2: Magic with Coins & Silks / Magic with the Okito Coin Box

Volume 3: Classic Showpieces / Live in Sacramento

Volume 4: Dinnertable Coin Magic / Coin Flourishes, Stunts & Wagers

David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic Made Easy (DVD-Video).

Volume 1: Basic Coin Magic

Volume 2: Basic to Intermediate Coin Magic

Volume 3: Intermediate to Advanced Coin Magic

Let us see some of his work.

Videos with David Roth

A memoriam for David from the Conjuring Arts Research Centre

David Roth – In Memoriam | Conjuring Arts

David Roth Magic

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