Don Bryan Ventriloquist

Don Bryan is a Vancouver based ventriloquist.

He is one of the very few people around that can build a vent up from scratch in wood. He also still performs his ventriloquism act (and he is turning 80 years old- 2022). He has a legendary reputation and is very well respected in his art.

His main character vent is Mr. Noseworthy. His other main characters are Miss Annie, Chester Field and Bird.

Don also offers lessons in ventriloquism, see his site

Videos with Don Bryan

Don Bryan doing his thing. Noseworthy in tow.
Dob Bryan explaining a little about puppets and ventriloquism

Articles with Don Bryan

Great newsclip on Don Bryan (09 Aug 2022).

Buy Don Bryans book

Last updated on 2022-08-15

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