Learning juggling with Romain Timmers

Reposting this from “New Indian Express” website: Learning juggling and aerial dance with Romain Timmers.

I have also added a youtube video of the vertical dance below this post.

Romain Timmers

Romain Timmers is a professional circus performer. He is a Frenchman that lives in Puducherry in India. He teaches circus lessons for children and also teaches aerial dance workshops.

Timmers is preparing a new act where he teams up with a contemporary dancer “Sharanya Rao”, which is set to be up and running in March of this year (2016). The act combines dance and juggling, with acrobatics and music. So, this should be something great to see.

Timmers started juggling at 16, by 21 he had enrolled with 3 different circus schools in Belgium and France. He has also done ten years of ballet training.  If Timmers had not gone professionally into the world of juggling and acrobatics, he would have ended up as a school teacher (although, he is still teaching… just a different kind of school).

In France, when part of an act that included dance and acrobatics… the idea of “vertical” dancing came to him. Where participants/ dancers dance on the wall… instead of on the stage.

Have a look at video below to give you an idea of what exactly vertical dance is.


Last updated on 2016-09-26

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