Li Lau escapologist

Li Lau is a South African escape artist. He currently performs on stage with Brendon Peel, besides doing his own performances.

He and Brendon wowed audiences in Britains Got Talent and recently Romanias Got Talent (February 2022).

They perform an act that has Brendon quickly doing Rubiks Cube to stop the weight of liquid, which would, when all poured out, set off a cross bow arrow into Li Lau’s head.

Li Lau sits in the chair shackled and undoing his locks with a lock pick, whilst all along the arrow from the cross bow is pointing at his head.

A very suspenseful act (see the judges faces on video below).

Videos with Li Lau

Romanias Got Talent (February 2022).

Last updated on 2022-03-04

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