Magic Booking Agents

If you are a magic booking agent and you would like to list your magic gigs on the site.

magic booking agent

Magic gigs on offer

List your requests for a magician

We have a ‘Magic Gigs offered’ area on the site where gigs on offer are listed. Magicians that are registered on the site (magicians for hire) can apply for these gigs if they so wish.

Magic Gigs offered.

You are welcome to list your gigs on the site.

The magicians that apply, would apply directly with yourself, we merely offer the service to list the magic show request.

To list your magic gigs on offer, you would need to register on the site (security consideration) and then it is as simple as completing the listing form.

The link to Create a Listing for your gig is : Create listing for magic gig on offer.

Any further enquiries, please email : kenny(at)

Last updated on 2023-12-11

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