Jan Rouven Magician

Jan Rouven is a German Magician, who was performing in Las Vegas – in a highly regarded show.

He was arrested in March of this year (2016). It would appear that his show has since been permanently shut down (as per article below):

(Editors aside): I do not enjoy passing on news that is not positive. Also, I have no interest in passing on a story that can help ruin someone’s reputation (there should be a sign- social media beware!). However, this was an official FBI arrest and this was a highly regarded stage show in Vegas. This is therefore pertinent. Please no negative comments. I will remove them. And note that Jan Rouven has not yet had his day on court to defend himself!)

Update 2019: Jan Rouven has been sentenced to 20 years prison time.

Sentenced to 20 years..

Videos with Jan Rouven

Last updated on 2021-05-09

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