Mo Magic gets his Television show

“Magic with Mo” on SABC 3

I have just seen a well written article by Debashine Thangevelo, on the IOL Tonight website(here’s the link): MO Magic Sabc 3

This reminded me that I had better get Mo’s biography up soon (yes, I have contacted him for all the juicy tidbits).

The article has some interesting information:

Did you know that Mo (Mohammed Moorad), is also a qualified electrical engineer… and did work as one, for six and a half years. Funny, isn’t it… as I have been posting entries to this blog… how many people go back to magic after doing other things (usually when they retire).

Mo has been performing professionally for the past 5 and half years (obviously a much longer term interest in magic).

What is also interesting about this story, is that Mo was watching David Blaine on television when something inside him sparked, and he realised he was going to be a full time magician/ entertainer. Note, that the article does state that he was questioning his life choices just prior to this. Well, all I can say… is I am glad he has chosen the entertainment path… we all need to be entertained!

Mo’s specialities are: sleight of hand,  mind reading, metal bending and psychokinesis magic (magic of the mind).

You can read the full article in the link above. However, I must put one other aside here, Mo’s quote on how he likes to perform his magic:

“Personally, I like to romance and charm my audience with my magic and astonish them, rather than shock them to elicit reactions.”

Videos with Mo Magic

Last updated on 2021-05-11

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