40th Annual Kutztown Magic Convention

To be held on November the 14th in Kutztown middle school, in Kutztown /Pennsylvania .

This event is held by the Society of American Magicians Association 92 and the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 57. It caught my eye, as it hosts some of the big names in Magic.

The event is held from 8am to 6pm, for one day only. There will be lectures, vendors, a magic auction and the finale… an evening show (open to the public).

The evening show starts at 8pm, tickets can be bought at the door.

The show is family friendly.

Some of the performers:

  • Stephen Bargatze (comedy magic)
  • Michael Trixx (Rock and Roll and Magic)
  • David Kaplan (illusion, music, juggling and deadpan comedy)
  • Wayne Houchin (street magic, escapology)
  • Gazzo (busker/ street magician).

Here is a link to the site for the Annual Kutztown Convention (nice video with Joshua Jay, Shoot Ogawa and Gregory Wilson discussing the convention on this page): Kutztown Annual Magic Convention

If you are lucky enough to get there… send a review, we’ll put your name and a page up on you and your magic.




Last updated on 2016-09-30

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2 thoughts on “40th Annual Kutztown Magic Convention”

    • Thank you Louis, according to facebook post of Kutztown convention… there will be no convention this year (2016):

      We would like to thank everyone for their past participation and patronage of the Kutztown Magic Convention. We have an announcement to make:
      We will be back bigger and better next near. We are in negotiations with the local collage to have the convention there next year. This means the convention will get a big upgrade, and the evening show will be in a real theater. We tried very hard to make it work this year, but it was just not possible. The college was not available in November. It is also going to require more upfront costs by our Magic Clubs. We have been doing many fund-raising events to help cover these costs. We believe this will make a better convention that will continue to grow and thrive for many years.
      More information will be coming in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.
      We hope to see all our old friends and lots of new ones at the Kutztown Magic Convention in 2017!

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