State approved degree in Magic in Paris

So, France has taken the lead in offering a magic degree.

This degree is open to students from France and from abroad. There you go all you budding magicians.

The tuition fee is 17,820€, which is a bit scary.

So, perhaps you should just consider doing the College of Magic course online?? (i have seen a teaching company accept this as prior education).

The degree involves 550 hours of lessons and 2800 hours of homework.

The standard length is two years and one year for fast (accelerated) learners.

According to the article 13 people qualified with the degree last year. (Are any of the people that graduated willing to give further information on this page? How you found the course, are you performing for a living? etc.)

The course includes the “business of magic”, i.e. running as a business. So, it certainly sounds helpful.

The Head of Teaching of the course is Adeline Galland. Apparently it took 5 years to convince that the course is necessary in getting a magician accepted as a profession.

I am not sure what all the course entails, that is why i am actively asking anyone involved in the course to give us a shout and let us have more details.

Here is the link to the article.

Last updated on 2021-05-24

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