What is ACEBook?

ACEBook, – hook up with Magical Friends!

ACEBook is THE place for magicians and prospective magicians to go and “meet/ befriend” other magicians.

Once you are registered, you are welcome to use the magic forums, start your own Group in ACEBook with others, start your own topics in the forums, and so on.

You can search for other magicians and make them your friend, join in on active discussions in the forums.

You can put images into your activity page, links to your videos and a lot of the things that you can do on other social networks.

Think of it as a Niche Network of like minded people.

The intention of ACEBook is to be the social networking and forum meeting place of magicians and other allied arts on the web.

In fact, so far as I know, it is the ONLY place on the web with a social networking capability and forum discussion capability in one for magicians and the Allied arts.

As it gets used, I will throw more server resources at this project…. so that we can keep the speed of interaction up- at present (March 2017)- I am busy with adding some other “magical/secret” capability.

Once this is added I will begin working at getting the speed of the site up again.

So, if you get on your wand and fly —- make sure to fly back here soon!

(P.s. I am as concerned about site speed as all of you. I am working on some new functionality, once this is done- you can rest assured that I will get the page speed scores on the site to the best that I can)

To JOIN ACEBook, register here, it’s Free.