Harry Houdini – a post from the day after his death

Article from New York Daily News, published on the 1st of November 1926

I have come across a very interesting article on the New York Daily News website. It is the “Daily News Flashback”- giving the article published on the day after Houdini’s death.

Here is the link to the article: Houdini News from day after his death.

The article states that he died in Grace Hospital (now called  Sinai- Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan) at 1.26pm on 31st of October 1926.

He had died of Peritonitis, following an operation for Appendicitis, at the age of 52.

Houdini had fallen unconscious into the arms of an attendant a week before, after a performance at the Garrick Theatre (I see there is a Garrick Theatre in London- not sure if this is the theatre mentioned).

Houdini had an operation the day after this, with another emergency operation a few days later, due to a relapse.

At Houdini’s bedside when he died: his wife Beatrice, his manager H.Elliott Stuckel and his assistant of 18 years James Collins.

The cause of his death being unexpected blows from a student at Magill University in Montreal, ten days before.

His body was going to be returned to New York for burial.


The article also states that Houdini at age 8, could bend backwards and pick up a needle with his eyelid (first time I have heard of this).


Enjoy the read.


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