ACEBook and forums

ACEBook and new magiciansandmagic forums are LIVE.

Dear All,

I was delaying this announcement, seeing as how I am working on some NEW Magical functionality on this site.

However, as the new ACEBook (social network for magicians) and the magicians forums have been live for a few days and I can see that people are looking around, I decided to let an official announcement out.

I will need to get up a “frequently asked questions” page…  judging from people looking around.

So, if you have any direct questions, until such time as I do get this page up… you are welcome to email me on

As Soon as I have the magically secret functionality up, I will release a post about it…

So, until then, Keep Entertaining.

(p.s.- you will note that I have included a translator on the site, for those who are not so comfortable with English. Its not 100% correct translation… but it does work… so give it a try if you are not comfortable with English. Located at the top right hand corner on every page.)

Kenny Williamson


Last updated on 2017-03-20

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