Al McLellan Canadian Magician

Al McLellan, main stage at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel.

Al McLellan is an amateur magician, who has the unprecedented chance to perform on the main stage at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel… in front of an estimated 6 000 strong audience.

McLellan is a sales representative at the Coldwell Banker RMR Real Estate Brokerage Cobourg office… he sent in a 2 minute audition tape, to be considered for a place in one of three magic acts that are to perform at the Coldwell company’s international conference (the conference is known as “Gen Blue”).

McLellan, according to the article, took up magic in the 1990’s to share with his nephew… who was an aspiring actor.

He hasn’t practised magic for over 12 years, before deciding to send in his audition tape… and now… someone has big shoes to fill!!! on a big stage!!

The prize for being selected was an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas, where he will be given the MGM Grand stage for a five-minute show and the chance to win the grand prize – an all-expense-paid trip to Gen Blue 2018.

In his own words:

“No matter how it turns out, I can always say with a straight fact that I have performed at the MGM Grand Hotel on the main stage.”

And how right he is… many magicians try for years to get to perform at Vegas.

And here Al is, not performing for years and getting a chance to do his 5 minute show on a huge stage.

What a GREAT story.

The article was published on, here is a link to the article.

This is his submission video for consideration as one of the acts:

Last updated on 2021-05-06

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