Albie Selznick – Magician and actor

Albie Selznick- Actor… as an actor he is probably most well known for the role of Ben Rubenstein in the American sitcom “Suddenly Susan”(in the 90’s).

Albie Selznick- Magician…

As a magician, Albie is currently involved in the “Magic Monday” which starts 2 May 2016 at the Santa Monica Playhouse. (great that a lot of magicians are getting permanent premises to host acts – Now we can see more Live Magic- thinking vaudeville).

Glad to see that Albie has returned to his magical roots!

Albie’s performance is told in the form of a play “What are you Afraid of”- you can also find out more at the Smoke and Mirrors website.

For a lovely write up on Albie: Magic Monday (Write up is deleted)

Here’s the you tube for the “Smoke and Mirrors” play (made me laugh with the discount for a flyer!)


Albie Selznick - "Smoke and Mirrors"
Smoke and Mirrors

And another you tube showing Albie doing a “Razor blade” tango… very well done.

Albie Selznick razor blade tango .mov
Razor Blad Tango

Last updated on 2021-05-06

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