Cape Town Magic Club is great!

Page just created for the new and happening Cape Town Magic Club.

(08.04.2016- page just updated with videos of Jesse Brooks and Bryan Miles).

It really is worth going… would suggest you book dinner as well and make an evening of it… faantasstic stuff!



  • Marcel Oudejans: (Producer & Host): Widely respected professional corporate magician & speaker with over 20 years of experience performing for over 180 blue chip companies in Southern Africa.
  • Robin Boltman: Legendary South African magician, cruise ship entertainer & real life hero during the sinking of both the Oceanos and the Achille Lauro.
  • Andrew “Magic Man” Eland: Internationally travelled street and stage performer, the only magician to perform at every comedy club and casino in South Africa.
  • Bryan Miles: Incredible mind magician and star of the upcoming SABC3 TV series, “A Day In The Life Of Bryan Miles”.
  • Jacques le Sueur: Magician and international adventurer, the only person to have stolen the late Pres. Nelson Mandela’s wristwatch… twice.
  • Mawonga Giyaya: From the township to the stage, an award winning young comedy magic performer who has his eyes set on the international stage.
  • Jesse Brooks: One of South Africa’s most creative up and coming magicians, a name to watch.

Last updated on 2016-09-26

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