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Francis Tabary (born 1949, in France) is a renowned French magician who specialized in the art of rope magic. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest rope magicians of all time, and his work has inspired many modern-day magicians.

Francis graduated from college as a chemist, he opened a pharmacy near his native village, but never stopped practising and performing magic.

He began his career as a magician in the early 1960s and quickly gained recognition for his innovative rope magic routines. He had joined the closest magic club at age 15 and became their youngest member. He developed a style of rope magic that was unique and original, incorporating elements of dance, music, and comedy into his performances.

In 1991, he was awarded the coveted title of World Champion in Lausanne, Switzerland, for a magic act he had elaborated using a rope as sole accessory.

He went on to perform at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Tabary was also a prolific writer and inventor, having created numerous original rope magic tricks and techniques. He published several books on the subject of rope magic, including “The Award-Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary” and “Tabary Elegant Rope Magic.” His innovative approach to magic has influenced countless other magicians, and his work continues to be studied and emulated to this day.

Tabary is also actively involved in creating objects that could apparently not exist in three dimensions. Also with the creation of Ambigrams. You can find out more about this at his site here.

Videos with Francis Tabary

Tabary performing his rope routine.

The above is not in English, however, you can still see the routine and the elegance involved in the presentation.

Articles Francis Tabary

Lecture with Francis Tabary (28 March 2023, Cape Town)

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