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Secure Site now!

Dear Magicians and Magicshens (and others),

This post is to let you know that we have now upgraded the site, making it safer for all… even if just browsing.

Secure Certificate

We have added a secure certificate, through our gracious hosts “Siteground”. This means that when you are browsing this site… you are safe from “most” prying eyes.

This will also help keep all your contact information (comment on a form, send us a contact, input your “magical” details and so on) safe.


I have also signed on as an affiliate with siteground.

They have been so brilliant with site related matters (wordpress and cpanel) and so on… I have been more than surprised at the level of help that they are prepared to offer.

  • They also offer an inhouse caching system “Supercacher”- which speeds up your site tremendously (so you get to see all the latest info faster!).
  • Security… they keep very up to date with protecting against all latest vulnerabilities (and not just for WordPress)…They will even isolate your site on “shared” hosting. (this site now has its own ip address…. so if someone naughty on the same server does something naughty… then this site will not go down when that naughty person is punished).
  • Servers around the World. Why is this important? Because for instance, if you are in Cape Town and the bulk of your sites viewers are in the U.S., then they will load your site on the servers closest to your viewers… which means once again, that your viewers get to see all the latest material quickly. So, no slow download speeds.
  • Service… need I say more here?

I moved a week or so ago onto wordpress, for precisely this reason… I wanted to be free of proprietory software and the burden of waiting on their answers when things go wrong. Needless to say Siteground have been , what’s the word I’m looking for … MAGICAL with their service.

 Great isn’t it?

Want to sign up for hosting and start your own magical entry to the World…. THEN click the banner below!

Web Hosting

Needless to say, I am PROUD to host SiteGround on this site, as they host me.

Last updated on 2024-06-08

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