Lance Burton famous magician

Lance Burton is a famous magician, who ran his stage magic show in Las Vegas for many years.

Currently (2021) Lance Burton is not performing a stage show.

However, i have seen that he is participating in a virtual show that the Magic Castle is having for the military.

He has also put his LA house (castle) up for sale (i saw this in April and considering the pedigreeand the views around, it is probably sold).

Mentions of Lance Burton

Lance Burton is running his Lance Burton and friends show.(March 2018)

Here’s the link: Lance Burton and friends.

Lance Burton returning to stage for charity (November 2021)

Videos with Lance Burton

1989 (Absolutely beautiful)

Articles with Lance Burton

Master Magician Lance Burton: he’s ours and we love him ( 2023)

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Last updated on 2023-08-30

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