The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana is very scary.

Her act won Asia’s Got Talent 2017

The Sacred Riana, from Indonesia, brings horror to stage magic!

She appears to the audience to be engaging in actual magic, always in character, with her long hair on one side.

This performance is brilliantly done. I must give credit to the ghouls and zombies on the stage… they were brilliantly performed.

The music and the whole ambience created could give you a problem if you have a weak heart. In another setting, this could give you a heck of a fright… especially with the resurgence of zombie horror films.

Beware …. the Sacred Riana may be near you one day soon!!!

Here is her winning performance from the Finale.

You can find more videos of her (and the demons) on youtube.

In fact, let me put some more right here:

The way she twitches her hand, the head twitches, the music… also brilliant.

Here she gives new meaning to selecting audience volunteers.

She looks at all the details… see even the “spooky” curls along the bottom of the reveal writing. Love it.

The Sacred Riana on America’s Got Talent (AGT)

Last updated on 2021-05-20

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4 thoughts on “The Sacred Riana”

  1. I love the Sacred Riana and can’t believe she was cut from AGT; she has one of the most unique performances that I have ever seen.
    Is it possible to get an Autograph picture from her.

    Randy Hale
    5684 County Highway 33
    Oneonta Al. 35121

  2. The only times I watched AGT was all because of Sacred Riana.i didn’t watch the show after.. the singing and dancing etc .. just too much ..

  3. Saw the Sacred Riana on AGT. Love her magic. Hope she comes to Las Vegas. Would love to see her live.

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