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Magic Societies; Magic Clubs; Magic Organisations; Magic Communities– every magician wants to have a place to meet other magicians and exchange ideas, tips, performance notes, maybe share some books or dvd’s (even VHS tapes if you can)… so this is the place to find out if there is a Magic Club near you (or online).

I have two places that you can look at magic groups (one is in blog format- better for active clubs/this page and one is standard format – better for you to directly add your magic group). This may change down the line, if people tell me it is confusing. :

If you are a member of a club and it’s not listed here, then use the “Contact Us” or “Tell Your Story” links and send me a picture/s and some information and I will list it here. Or, contact me via

I also realise that there is a need for people to know about places that feature Magicians regularly (and not strictly clubs ‘ only for magicians’)- so they can be found further down the page under “Magic Venues”.

P.s. the same holds true, send me information if you want your venue to be included).

Magic Clubs

Magic Venues

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