Laurent Piron Magician

Laurent Piron is a magician from Liège, in Belgium.

He is a member of the Liégeois Magic Circle “Les 52”.

Currently 28 years old, he has just won First prize for General Magic at FISM Quebec 2022. He was also awarded the Grand Prix prize, for stage.

So, a World Champion of Magic at 28. Well done to Laurent.

Laurent has performed extensively internationally and also spread his magic at the big Art festivals around the World.

His ‘paper ball’ act at FISM earned him a standing ovation.

If you take a look at Laurent’s site:, you are redirected to This is where you find the other two members of the team that work with Laurent: Hugo Van De Plas (Director) and Sylvia Delsupexhe (Drama).

This is also where you will find the shows available with Laurent. They are broken down into two visual acts (paper ball and Rain ball), which are short visual acts and three shows (ranging from 45 minutes to an hour). – GO and have a look for yourself.

Videos with Laurent Piron

Teaser of the Paper Ball act
Rainball act FISM 2015- this is the full act
This is from AGT 2018, just a snippet. The Rainball act on AGT, getting yes’s from judges.
2009, Laurent performing some Linking Rings on the Great Wall of China. You can see the “Art” side happening even then.

Articles with Laurent Piron

Focus on Belgium

Write up in France 24 (August 2022)

Write up in Euro News (August 2022).

Another write up NDTV.

Write up in Turkey and region newsite.

Last updated on 2022-08-28

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