Magic Today 15 April 2024

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Video Magic Today 15 April 2024

Magic Today 15 April 2024

In Magic Today 15 April 2024:

Pop in guest: Marc Wegkamp, President of the Johannesburg Magic Circle.

  1. 35th Annual Comedy and Magic Spectacular- Chambersberg
  2. Knaresborough’s Spooktastic Halloween Trail
  3. Javi Benitez- Sparta performance
  4. new 1923 Live nightspot and live entertainment fortress at Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian- magician Jonathan Levit
  5. Professional theatrical pickpocket Lee Thompson- tips
  6. David Parr – Fox 2 St Louis
  7. Magicians going online

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balloon school by stephen ablett
Balloon School by Stephen Ablett

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