Carisa Hendrix Magician


Carisa Hendrix Magician and Fire Eater, based in Calgary/ Canada.

Carisa broke the Guinness World Record for “longest duration fire-torch teething” in 2012.

Carisa Hendrix has varying talents, which include not only fire-eating but also barefoot walking on glass, stilt-walking, sleight-of-hand and variations of the “human blockhead” spectacle that can involve, among many other things, sticking scissors up her nose. (this is very scary to watch and is quite dangerous. DO NOT TRY AT HOME).

Mentions of Carisa Hendrix

Carisa Hendrix has been performing worldwide after winning the Melbourne Magic Festival (Comedy).

She is performing as “Lucy Darling” and has people wowed.


Here is a link to you tube showing Lucy Darling:

Magician Lucy Darling and her Maker Martini Routine at the Magic Castle

And now, closer to home… guess who we have for the SA Magic Convention this year (2021)?

SA Magic Convention 2021—Via Zoom online convention
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