Magic Today 29 April 2024 #magicnews

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Video Magic Today 29 April 2024

Magic Today 29 April 2024

In Magic Today 29 April 2024:

1. Alexandra Burgio

2. From pastor to magician Taylor Hughes

3. Physician Magician – Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz

4. Magicians house for sale – Texas

5. Magician Dave Vaught

7. Stunt ventriloquist Tim Holland

8.Peter Boie: Magician for non-believers to perform at Center Theatre

9. Mario the Maker Magician – Columbus

10. Upcoming magic show at Grand to benefit McHenry House

11. Lowell Sheets -Back to the 50’s

12. There’s plenty to like in magician Ondřej Pšenička’s ’52 Lovers’

13. Takumi Takahashi- Asia’s Got Talent

14. Shlomo Levinger- baseball teams

15. René Mazing’s Wunderbar

16. Theatre Review: ‘The Illusionists’ at the Kennedy Center

17. Christian ventriloquist Ragan dies at 76

18. Magic Monday Brady Lee

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