Wayne Dobson- UK Magician

Wayne Dobson is an award winning English magician.

Wayne Dobson
Wayne Dobson Magician

He became well known due to television performances in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

At the height of his fame, he had his own television show:

“Wayne Dobson- A Kind of Magic”.

He also performed in Vegas. And now operates dtrik.com, where he sells magic. Also devising new effects for others to perform and is a exponent in the “no hands” type of magic.

Unfortunately, Wayne contracted MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and this has meant that he is wheelchair bound.

I have just seen a lovely article about him. I love it when a performer still feels like he/ she is “living the life” (there are so few people feeling this way about their careers… so it shows when someone loves what they do).

Here is a link to that article: Wayne Dobson

Videos with Wayne Dobson


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