Rod Chow Magician

Rod Chow has been elected to the Presidency at the Society of American Magicians. (2022)

What i didn’t realise is that he has had a family involvement (his young children) who have been winning awards for magic since a very young age. Have a look at his old site here.

Rod is based in Vancouver, Canada. He has also been involved in the insurance industry for his whole life (any performers out there looking for personal lines insurance?).

He has won numerous awards. In fact, so many, i cannot list them all here. You can see the list on his site here: Rod Chow Awards.

Videos with Rod Chow

2008 Rod Chow doing children’s magic
2020 Rod Chow wishing the World well.
Put this up as Rod Chow’s father (the insurance company is based here) owns the skinniest building in the World.

Articles with Rod Chow

First non American magician becomes President of International Society.

Last updated on 2022-08-20

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