The Illusionists – 1903

The Illusionists show in Dubai

I came across a really great write up on The Illusionists show in Dubai.

Here’s the link: The Illusionists

The show features:

  • Houdini’s Water Escape.
  • Has the famous “sawing in half” effect.

6 new magicians are in the show and 8 of the World’s most popular illusionists. The article states that this show has “been dubbed as the highest-selling and longest-running on ‘Broadway’ history” and is now back in UAE.

In Dubai until November the 9th, Abu Dhabi on 12-14 Nov,  Doha from 18-20 of this month.

Would love to watch this…. come on Illusionists, let’s see you in Cape Town.

Update 04 Jan 2016

Well, I had a discussion with a College of Magic director… and we were both wondering if The Illusionist show would “appear” in South Africa at some time… this hasn’t happened yet.

However, “The Illusionists – 1903” is back in Syndey, as per a post from The Sydney Morning Herald, here’s the page: The Illusionists- 1903 back in Australia

Can be seen at The Arts Centre Melbourne, until Jan the 10th (2016).

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Last updated on 2016-09-27

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