Third international special guest for SA MAGIC 2015

Paul Wilson – Star of BBC’s The Real Hustle – LIVE in SA!

Paul Wilson is a world renowned expert on cheating. Star of the BBC’s Real Hustle, he is also an award winning conjuror.Paul Wilson’s performance is a guided tour of diverse deceptions. From the incredible skill of professional card sharps to the twisted psychology of cons and scams, he proves that anyone can be conned and that knowledge is the only defense.

Paul offers an incredible glimpse behind the curtain of deception and an opportunity to learn the secrets of a professional con man. From devastating false shuffles, slug controls and false deals to baffling feats of skill and fascinating exposes, Paul Wilson is an unmissable tour de force for anyone interested in gambling sleight of hand or mindblowing card magic.

Pull up a chair, take out your cards and ante up. Just be warned, there are cheaters in your midst …

For all the details on the 2015 South African Magic Championships in October – visit

The initial early-bird convention registration is nearly sold out … three days of non-stop magic await! LETS HOPE I SEE YOU THERE!!!

Last updated on 2016-09-27

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