Aaron Crow Magician

Aaron Crow is a magician from Belgium. His forte is Mentalism and Danger acts.

He is a World Champion in Magic (Mental Magic) FISM 2003.

He has also performed with The Illusionists (USA, including Broadway, New York and Australia- Sydney Opera House and London, West End).

His is well known outside of the Magic World, from his performances on Britain’s Got Talent (2013-finished 4th) and America’s Got Talent (2018- semi-finals).

He has also performed in Italia’s Got Talent (2013- Semi-finals) and France ”La France a un incroyable talent”- 2016, Semi-finals again.

He has also run how own extravaganza shows “Fearless”-2016 and “Mystica”-2018.

He was also a member of the Belgium Tae Kwon Do team.

His youtube perfomances have gone over 126 million views!

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Videos with Aaron Crow

AGT 2018
Bullet catch- from Fearless.

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