Magic today, 29 August 2022

What’s happening in the Magic world today.

Today’s Magic News

Larry Soffer, a very well known South African mentalist has just had a fantastic write up in the iol news site.

Larry is a really entertaining mentalist and certainly leaves an impression with his audience.

Aaron Crow, the Belgium (Flemish?) Mentalist/ Magician will be appearing in the International Festival of Magic in Romania in October.

So, be ready for the DANGER!!

Gloria Dea had her 100th on the 25th of August, see her page for the update with pictures from the article.

Ventriloquist Celia Munoz delivers a fantastic performance in 2022 AGT. Devoted to Olivia Newton John. For you oldies (errhm), it will bring back memories.

Celia Munoz 2022 AGT

Today’s Product

blindfoldedcar full
The Blinfolded Car by Devin Knight

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Last updated on 2022-08-29

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